MOTION SONIC PROJECT The power of sound is within you

You can create sound in sync with your exact movements.
Through this sound, making motions will become even more fun moving
along with your own instincts.
MOTION SONIC PROJECT is a project to create a
totally new music experience together with you.

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Our goal is "Complete synchronization of
physical sensation with sound".
Through the combination of microphones and
gyro sensors,
we are developing a system by precisely tracking the motion vector, speed, and fluctuation, to deliver 2 experiences:  "Transforming body movement into sound" and "Controlling music through body movement".


Current experiment and
experience-making scenes.


Creating unprecedented performances.


Exploring the possibilities of playing music through body motion.


Learn about the passion behind the development and
other initiatives on the Sony "Stories" Website. Please take a look!

Sony Stories Vol.1

Sony, co-creating a new sound experience
with performing artists.

Sony Stories Vol1. Sony, co-creating a new sound experience <br>with performing artists.


Here's what some of our testers have said.
  • This was new sensation with the collaborations of music created by dancers and by us who usually creates the music. I wanted to explore further and create something like an orchestra. (Turntablist DJ IZOH)
  • The sounds matched the energetic dancing and it was truly exciting! I felt like I wanted to keep playing my bass forever. (Bassist Juna from SORAMIMI)
  • We felt the potential that anyone at a party can become the main act! It was very exciting because it was like we were creating a new interplay between music and dance. (Performance Team s**t kingz)

Remarks from participating the MOTION SONIC Dance Party



There is a theory that music originated with body movement.

Before there were musical instruments,
people enjoyed music instinctively,
clapping their hands or stamping their feet.

However, while modern technological advancements have
created a diversity of musical expression and musical media,
we have not noticed the loss of how we always really savored music.

Since the company's founding,
Sony has brought about changes in lifestyles and cultures through sound.
We have now launched MOTION SONIC PROJECT out of a desire to return to the origins of music.

Anyone can have fun creating pleasant music through the movement of their bodies.
And sound, in turn, makes movement more fun,
increasing the possibilities of physical movements.

Through this project, we hope to redesign the relationship between people and sound,
and create a new kind of music experience.

Let's play the challenge.